• Oatmeal Single Cup

    100%Organic Oatmeal Single Cup

  • Oatmeal 2pk

    Organic Oatmeal with Topping 2pk

  • Brown Rice 2pk

    100%Organic Brown Rice 2pk

  • Brown with Quinoa 2pk

    100%Organic Brown with Red Quinoa 2pk

Organic Brown Rice with Red Quinoa Cup 2pack

100% Organic Brown Rice with Red Quinoa Cup 2pk

  • Ingredients

    Water, Organic Steelcut Oats

  • Serving Directions

    Microwave (700W)

    Peel up to the dotted line. Heat on high for 60 sec. Remove top carefully & serve.

    Stove Top

    Cook unopened package in boiling water for 7min. Remove top carefully & serve. Pour rice into small pan, add 1 tbs. of water and heat on medium until hot, stirring occasionally.